Thursday, January 22, 2009


tonight there's a YASIN PERDANA for peeps in Sector B. it's actually an annual event for my college. Arrived early that past semesters (funny though) btw the yasin was ok and the "Amanat from Pengarah" to us was really fun. he talks about The Power of "DOA". It's amazing how he managed to be so pious in his early 40's.

well, the main point that im posting is because of the management for tonight. im sorry to say but it really SUCKS!!! how do the JPK's expect us to get the cop with such a crowd?? as far as im concern, out senate is all brilliant peeps as in 3 pointer and above but the way they manage the event for tonight really do show their mentallity is equivalent to a 5 years old kids!

the first thing that shows their management is weak is when they actually set up the table for each college right next to each other. our mosque is freaking big n yet they do that. dont they know how many students living in our college or do they really thinks that it is good enough to do it like that,

second point, one of the senate from BLOCK SAB actually call us "BUDAK - BUDAK"! c'mon dear. . . ur the same batch with which makes u only in part 4 so do u really thinks that u r old enough to call us "budak - budak"??!? u looks so damn darn UNprofessional babe! waaaayyy to go!

there is still a lot of weaknesses that my friends and I see from the way they organized tonight's event. well, learn from ur mistakes n please do make a post-mortem for tonight's event cause ur making a fool of urself! roflmao!!