Sunday, February 22, 2009


hurm. .
what exactly m i supposed to post at my blog??
im tired of thinking on what m i goin to post and stuff.

here i am trying to study En Razak's paper for this coming tuesday.
but hell, yeah! i cant study at all since my beloved brother told me to chill since it's only sunday. .

ahaha. .
for the first time i actually listen to him!
jahat btol! benda jahat mmg ikot. ape punya manusia la. .

well, i have to update my Society's blog but then, i dont really know how to make it interesting. im not the kind of person who actually know how to express their feelings in textual form. . .

owh! owh!
here's my Society's url, IM Society
feel free to browse and follow this blog yea!

since i've got nothing else to say,
i'd better go now n try to study some more!
Go eIzA! Go! Go! Go!

eIzA Kamarul ^_^
5.06 a.m