Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LOVE. . .

What is LOVE??
hurm. .

some people find love interesting. .
some find it sweet. .
and some find it weird. .


how do I find love??

I think, love should be something that we treasured so much that we can never say no too. Im the kind of girl that you can say old-fashioned since I sort of expect to be in love in the romantic kind of way. .

thinking about the love of my life is really killing me!
and it is exactly not the kind of love that I've ever imagined.

it really sucks having someone that you love, when they actually dont really love you the way you've always imagined it to be.

here I am, staying with the person that I love the most!
the person who I thought could be my everything,
the person who should be the one who always be there for me,
the person who can be the one to catch all my tears,
the person who can chare my laughters,
the person who can support me all the way,
and most of all,
the person who I thought would at least try to understand how I feel about things that happended in my sorroundings.

I just really hope that this relationship will last forever eventhough I know exactly that it is IMPOSSIBLE to last forever. . .

what am I supposed to do when it's over?

should I cry or scream out loud?
or should i just ignore the pain that i felt inside?

whatever it is,
I just wanna say thank you so very much for my LIFE PARTNER for loving me the way I am eventhough I'm not the kindda of girl that you've always wanted and for trying your very best in understanding my crazy mood - swings.

from the bottom of my heart,
Please dont ever leave. . .