Monday, February 23, 2009


hEy hOo!
hari nie bodo gila kot. . .
such a stupid way to start a day. .

i have class at 8 in the morn.
no surprise about it.
but then i thought it was DRC class apparently it's IT in INFO AGENCY class.
thought it was ok to come a bit late since it's DRC class and my DRC's lecturer is not that punctual.
so i took my own sweet time on getting ready for class.

can u imagine how late i am?
i woke up at 7.45 a.m
and ready for class at 8 a.m.
it is fine if im at my own room since its friggin near to class. . .
so at 8.15 a.m i FINALLY arrived at class
and guess what??

I, Hamizah binti Kamarul husni has t sit at the back of the class for the FUCKING first time!
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" (Glad to learn this tagline *wink*)

owh yea!
the best part is, i accidently bring my DRC's manual instead of IT in INFO AGENCY's manual and my lecturer didn't preview his slide for today's learning.
i have to sit at the back of the class with no manual at all. . .

so. . .
i started to snap a few pictures to show how EXCITED i am sitting at the back of the class!
Enjoy. . . ^_^

Nur Ain Binti Ithnin <-- she's proud to be late too =)

A Picturesque view from the back I

A Picturesque view from the back II

Mohammad thinks he gets the light from HEAVEN! ahahaha wut-so-ever mat!

The three musketeers that sits next to me

owh! owh!
before i forgot,
my lecturer's today has said a few funny things while explaining on what is the charecteristic of a good automated serials system. . .

* allow for checking in and claiming of "MISHING" issue
the moment when he pronunce missing as MISHING, i laugh my FUCKING as off man. . .
hahahahaha. . . im bad. . . I know i am.

then when he try to explain on how they actualy get their serials collection such as magazines and stuff, he said that we hae to order those materials from the vendors and not just simply pegi bandor beli banyak2 majalah lepas tu cakap, "okay, berapa semua tokey"
wakakakaka. . .
he made every single person in that class laugh like shit man. . .

love you En Razak!! ^_^

thats all for now!
will be posting soon before long. . .

eIzA Kamarul
15.13 p.m