Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lompat Arnab

hey hoo!
smalam ade satu citer lawak jadi during lunch.

my younger sister, nabby dengan bodohnya telah "melompat arnab" sehingga tertinggal selipar kat belakang.

kebodohan yang amat terserlah kerana ketika itu hujan sedang mencurah2.

well actually we were crossing the road and there's a divider between the road and I dont actually know what is she trying to do when she actually tried to jump the divider and unfortunately she almost fell and left her slippers behind.

I laughed my ass off like fucking shit. well we actually laughed together. and so I call it "lompat Arnab".

the best part is, she rep her sports house in lompat tinggi and yet she can't jump at the divider.
owh! owh! the divider is only like few cm's height. ROFLMAO
i can't forget about it and actually cant stop laughing at it till now.

so here's the picture of the divider.

eIzA mempunyai seorang adik yang kelakar
ye nabby, ko memang lawak

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16.38 p.m.