Friday, May 22, 2009

Makan Makan

hey! hey!

ahahaha. . .
agak lambat ye nak post pasal makan kat Bagan, klang hari tu. strwbrry ngan grapeberry dua2 da post.

so, last saturday grapeberry's family, Haziq's n mine went out to makan makan at the Bagan Seafood Restaurant somewher in port klang.

the reason we went there is to thank Grapeberry's n Haziq's family for helping my family when we're in need.

so thank you guys!

btw, we also celebrate Grapeberry's belated birthday with American Chocolate cake, The bakers Cottage.

it was awesome!

well, since both of them has actually uploaded the pics of that Makan Makan i decided not to do upload it all over again since all the pictures are taken from Strawberry's camera phone.

so check out strawberry's or grapeberry's blog for the pictures of the night!
owh! owh!

in their blog, i might be referred as angah or cherry so enjoy!

eIzA loves both strawberry and grapeberry. . .

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11.00 a.m.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hey! Hey!

Semester Disember - April 2009 would be my last semester with THE TAEK!
Ive known them since my first semester in segamat. It's been real FUN having my time spent with all of them.
Thinking that we'll no longer be spending our time together next semester is sucks! I find it rather disturbing without them by myside.
Eventhough i've known them for a short period of time, they really bring a new definition of UiTM segamat to me.

so here are THE TAEK :

Sara a.k.a Girlfriend. She is the President of TAEK.
I'm gonna miss you like shit! in fact, I missed u already girlfriend!
Your the first person besides Saras yang i kenal in this gang.
You sangat suka gossip kan sara?
tp x kisahlah, im all ears for you! xOxO =)

Hani a.k.a Princess.
She's so cool! Hani, at first i takut sangat nak cakap dengan u. i thought u sombong n sort of choosy. You know what, I guess i'm Definitely WRONG! You sangat baik and i remember the night that you picked me up at the segamat bus station. Im really glad that your willing to help and picked me up that time. thanx a lot princess!

Yuyun a.k.a sara's ex lover
Kita baru nak start rapat sem ni kan?
kejap je time untuk kita together. you sangat sporting and u had a wonderful voice( I heard it in the toilet back from our last TAEK outing).
You should have sang in the karaoke as well yun. biar rin ade competitors. ahahaha

Iznie a.k.a Mak Tiri/Baby
Iznie, you sangat pendiam tapi I sangat selesa ada dengan you.
You layan je semua yang i nak bagitau you.
towards the end of this sem baru kita start rapat kan?
seronok bila ada you dekat bilik study tu
btw, have fun with you boy. ^_^

Rin a.k.a Social.
bila rin ade je, CONFIRM semua orang bole gelak guling - guling.
yang paling i x le lupa bila rin nyanyi lagu womeniser kat dalam bilik study tu.
sangat sexeyh ok!
ahahaha nanti kita g karaoke lagi k.
kalau dorang xnak dengar u nyanyi xpe, nanti i dengar ok?

Ezerk a.k.a miss health conscious
kita memang x rapat tapie best lepak dengan you.
i heard a lot about you from saras. you are such a great friend to have!
i hope i had the chance to get to know you much better.
one thing i know about you is your very hardworking.
so, best of luck! may you graduate with flying colors.

ok last but not least is : SARAS
a.k.a baby/montel/tembam and the list goes on. . .(she doesnt like her picture to be uploaded)
you mmg sangat kelakar. . .
i had REAL fun spending my time with you!
dgn kau semua benda boleh jadi.
tempat aku cite masalah, tempat aku nak gelak-gelak and macam2 lagi la
mmg antara ramai² u org yang paling rapat dgn i.
so thanx for everything saras!

Sara, Iznie, eIzA and Hani. (rin, yun, zerks, saras, sorry korang x de dalam gamba nie)

im really happy for all of you since you are now graduating from your Diploma.
thank you for accepting me as one of your gang.
I sangat sedih the night kita kuar after paper IB tu.
sebab tu x de mood nak ambil gambar.
I almost cried in the karaoke room when we sang the song kenangan terindah by samson.
i dont know what im goin to do without all of your next semester.
it must be really bored without having all of you by my side.
you guys are so honest and i can just be myself when im with you.
i get to do crazy stuff and i got to laugh my ass off when we're together.

I just wanna say, i'm sorry for all the wrong doing i've done to any of you.
please halalkan everything yang korang bagi dekat i.
i'm wishing all of you good luck and all the best for your future.
please please dont ever forget me in your life.
i've there's anything that i could help, just pick up your phone and dial my number because i will ALWAYS be there for you!

All the precious memories that we have will always be in my heart.
thank you girls. . .

eIzA is very disturbing thinking that they'll gonna leave
eIzA is gratified with all the memories that we shared

eIzA Kamarul ^_^
01.00 a.m.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey HOo!
Dengan ini, saya dengan rasmi nya menutup peperiksaan akhir untuk semester Disember -April 2009.

eIzA is soo relieved. . .

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12.00 p.m.