Friday, May 22, 2009

Makan Makan

hey! hey!

ahahaha. . .
agak lambat ye nak post pasal makan kat Bagan, klang hari tu. strwbrry ngan grapeberry dua2 da post.

so, last saturday grapeberry's family, Haziq's n mine went out to makan makan at the Bagan Seafood Restaurant somewher in port klang.

the reason we went there is to thank Grapeberry's n Haziq's family for helping my family when we're in need.

so thank you guys!

btw, we also celebrate Grapeberry's belated birthday with American Chocolate cake, The bakers Cottage.

it was awesome!

well, since both of them has actually uploaded the pics of that Makan Makan i decided not to do upload it all over again since all the pictures are taken from Strawberry's camera phone.

so check out strawberry's or grapeberry's blog for the pictures of the night!
owh! owh!

in their blog, i might be referred as angah or cherry so enjoy!

eIzA loves both strawberry and grapeberry. . .

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11.00 a.m.