Thursday, July 30, 2009


BBGS Alumni
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
10:30am - 10:00pm
Bintang Circle, Pavilion Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Welcome to BACK2BBGS at The Pavilion for the launch of the ELENA COOKE EDUCATION FUND and the mother of all reunions!

Venue: Bintang Circle (Concourse Area), The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Date: 4th of August 2009
HOTLINE: +6017-871-9357

11 AM
Arrival of Ms Elena Cooke
The BBGS Alumni Choir
Speech by Ms Moey Yoke Lai
Presentation of the Donation to The Shelter Home For Children
Choral Speaking
Lunch with old friends at Pavilion Restaurants

Throughout the day
Sale of souvenirs – to help raise funds
Timeless Traditions - A Photo Exhibition

6.30 PM
BACK2BBGS Gala! – The Mega Mother of all Reunions!!

Arrival of Guest of Honour Ms Yeap Gaik Khoon (7.30pm)
The BBGS Alumni Choir
Welcome Remarks
Video of Launch of Elena Cooke Education Fund
Speech by Ms Yeap Gaik Khoon
Choral Speaking
Celebrate the Memories - A multimedia presentation
The BBGS Alumni Choir
Lucky Draws & Auction
Cocktails & Chat

We are trying to get to thousands of BBGS girls to the event! Tell your friends, tell the world, send them this notice and refer them to

With thousands of BBGS girls either buying an invitation to the event or by contributing directly to the fund if they are unable to make it to the event, The ELENA COOKE EDUCATION FUND will be a SUCCESS! We can help students who need funds for their education – BBGS gives back!

Items Payments and Contributions

Lunch in selected restaurants in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur at RM50 per person
(set menus).

Cocktails at RM80 per person/child.
Please confirm this asap sot that we can cater enough food for everyon. Dress up!

All profits will go to the ELENA COOKE EDUCATION FUND.

Bank cash directly or online into the following bank account:-
- Name of Bank : Public Bank Berhad
- Account No: 3154826729
- Swift Code: PBBEMYKL
- Account Name: Epitome Communications Sdn Bhd - E M Cooke Fund

Cheques are payable to Epitome Communications Sdn Bhd – E M Cooke Fund

Once the money is banked in, please send your details to stating:
- Name of Donor or Name of Purchaser
- Items purchased - Lunch Vouchers and/or Gala Invitation
- Amount banked in
- Payee Bank
- Reference no – This could be from the online transaction/ATM receipt/bank in slip.

We will send you an email confirmation with your reference number of your bookings and you can pick up the vouchers and invitations on the event day itself – at the PAID REGISTRATION COUNTER.


Don't forget to register yourself on the BBGS Alumni Database at the following link:

Watch this space for registration updates.
For event updates, please visit

Please note that the event from now on will be known as Back2BBGS, not BBGS@Pavilion. It seems that we can't change the event name on Facebook once it has confirmed attendees.

eIzA is proud to be BBGS-ian

eIZA Kamarul
11.44 p.m.

Crap and Crap and Crap some more. . .

Woot! Woot!
Helllooooo readers!
I don't actually have something to blog tonight tapi tak nak mengalah and nak juga post. ahahaha So I think that I might post on the movies that I recently watch.

The first movie was "The Taking of Pelham 123"

The storyline was OKAY~ ahahaha it was funny here and there. Owh! I really LOOOVE the part when the police is delivering the money to the Train Station. It was fricking cool! The super bikes was awesome! The movie is not a must-watch-movie but it is still a great movie to watch. If i were to rank it, I'll give it 6 over 10 =)

The second movie that I watch recently is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Finally, I get to watch this movie! It was Great! A couple of my friends told me that is was boring and doesn't worth watching since the scene where Harry uses the spell and magic is not that much but to me, I think the the story is fine. Love the part when Lavender fogged up the glass door inside the train. It was Funny man. . . As in the way she actually blow her breathe just to wrote R+L and etcetera. . . etcetera. ahahaha clearly i didn't pay attention to whats she's writing. kelakar habis kot cara dia buat macam tu. ROFLMAO. Owh! in the end Prof. Dumbeldore was killed by Prof. Severus Snape and it was found that Prof. Severus Snape was one of the Dark Lord Army and he is actually the Half Blood Prince. Overall, Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince is slightly different from the other sequal yet still fun to watch. I'll give it 7.5 over 10.

So, Enough said about the movies I've watch. I talked to a good friend of mine last night about how I felt to certain people right now. I just don't understand why they couldn't stop bugging me as if that i have a post it paper in my back saying that, "Gosh! I'm so FUCKED UP! please bug me!" or something.

Susah sangat ke nak faham when I told you that I'm busy with my work. Ive told you that i have a lot of things to do and i need some space for myself too. takkan kau je nak rilex kan? Macam mana boleh ada orang macam ni tak tau la. senang je kan kau nak rileks - rileks and campak semua benda kat aku. HUH!

Tak apa, I believe in Karma. What goes around comes arounda nd what goes up MUST come down! so buatla apa-apa cik joyah oooi! eIzA x kisah. . . .ke? ahahaha

eIZA is definitely happy to have you as her friend.
You know who you are

eIzA Kamarul
10.20 a.m.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey. . .
You make it look like it easy for me to do all those things right? As if your the one who suffers from it. As if I'm the one to be blame. As if I don't have feelings and As if I don't even care. You make it look like I enjoy doing it to you while you suffer a lot.

You rasa senang ke untuk I?? well its hard for me too. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. All these while you've been the greatest person on earth that I have ever known. I'm proud to be with you and I'm proud to say that I am once yours and always be. I don't know why does this happen to both of us but I'll try to accept it as fate. I'm really sorry for all the wrong doings that i have done towards you and I hope you will always remember me and love me even as your friend. Just so you know, I will always keep you in a special place in my heart.

eIzA is so sorry for what happened
I'm sorry

eIzA Kamarul
06.30 p.m.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey Hoo!
I'm back from Lendu. Luckily I manage to get a ticket from lendu at 4.45 p.m. thanx to Fira, my sister's friend cause she's the one who bought the ticket. ^_^

it took me an hour and 15 minutes to get there but it took me 2 and a half hours to get back in KL. gila jauh beza kan. . . ? thanx to KL, the city yang always Jam. URGH!!! TENSI! So, from pudu i took the LRT to cempaka and walk all the way back home. Owh! Owh! i Met Tieya at cempaka and she accompany me to jalan balik rumah and both of us loss 5 kilos. ahahahaha kan tieya kan? aku da x de cheng cheng dah! ngee~

Once sampai rumah, terus keluar pergi mamak makan cheese naan n yong taw fo. Pergh!! bapak banyak makan hari ni. Cheng cheng yang da hilang td da ada balik da. Siap jadi twin lagi. =) ahahaha

eh! eh! Tieya, aku da dapat video budak part 1 tu. nanti aku send k? x pun ko dtg umah amek! sure berguling punya. ahahaha. . .

overall, today was FUN yet TIRING! and I already miss by sweet little sister! baru ingat nak spend the whole week with her! aduyai~

eIzA miss spending her time at home with Nabby W.

eIzA Kamarul
11.05 p.m.

UiTM Lendu

Hey! Hey!
I'm back again! ahahahaha. . .
Today has been a tiring day for me. I went out to buy my bus ticket at Pudu just now and to get the ticket for tomorrow.
I'm going to UiTM Lendu tomorrow to accompany my sis actually. it's her first time getting her buts on the bus to campus. =)

so my bus would be at 10.30 a.m. therefore, I might reach Lendu around 12.30. then i need to take my ticket to kl and send my sis back to UiTM then baru la balik kl. . .
huhuhuhuhu dah boleh bayang da penat die macam mana. . .

Owh btw, I bought a new jeans! ahahahaha jgn jealous ye kawan kawan! *wink*

hope that tomorrow would be awesome and hope that i manage to get my ticket back to KL. Owh lupa nak habaq mai, UiTM telah mengisytiharkan cuti Mid Semester maka dengan itu kami semua para pelajar UiTM akan bercuti selama seminggu! YEAY!!!

So. . . .
Skeleton, F and sape2 yang agak2 penting dalam hidup I, jangan lupa datang rumah dan kidnap saya ke tempat yang menyeronokkan!
tidak lupa juga kepada En. LAICI, i da sampai KL nie. . . cepat la bwk i jenjalan. Time I kat sgmt bukan main lagi berlagak ye. . . . ahahaha

wutever it is, to those who havent watch Harry Potter, Jom tgk beramai - ramai! *weeee*

eIzA is hoping that everything will be just fine. . .

eIzA Kamarul

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey! Hey!
It's been a while since i posted on my blog. well, the main reason is I'm damn darn fucking busy with all the work and task that need to be done. However, I've updated my society's blog. Do check it out yea!

the whole first month in campus was really tiring. I have to manage a lot of thing for my class, the whole part 5 as well as my society.

Btw, I have some good news to share here :-

  1. My brother and Sister got in to UiTM for degree and Diploma
  2. Angah got to stay in college and she's now on of the SMK-ian
  3. My relationship with Kak Pah and Che Da has become more stronger than before
  4. Kak Pah, Che Da, Angah and I spend most of our time together =)
  5. My roomie is fricking FUN!!! owh! owh! she has the same name as I am. ^_^

I really hope this semester would be the best semester ever!

Owh, for ISD5E2, this would be our final year in campus together so I hope that all of us can be more together and unite than before! I really hope that our trip to PD will work!! En Lan Dota, sila jangan mengada - ngada untuk tidak mengikuti program kita di PD ye. . . . no more Excuses!!

eIzA is proud to be in ISD5E

eIzA Kamarul
01.18 p.m.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen

Hey! Hey!
As planned, today I went out to KLCC to watch Transformers;Revenge of The Fallen. The movie was okaaaay. . . It doesn't come up to my expectation at all. However, there are a few scenes that I Looooove to watch espcially when there's Bumblebee and The Twins. The Death of Optimus Prime does give an impact. It was tragic as hell!

If I were going to judge the movie and give a star out of ten, I would absolutely give Transformers;Revenge of The Fallen a 7 stars out of 10.

eIzA would absolutely prefer to watch
Drag Me to Hell

eIzA Kamarul
12.54 a.m.