Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey! Hey!
It's been a while since i posted on my blog. well, the main reason is I'm damn darn fucking busy with all the work and task that need to be done. However, I've updated my society's blog. Do check it out yea!

the whole first month in campus was really tiring. I have to manage a lot of thing for my class, the whole part 5 as well as my society.

Btw, I have some good news to share here :-

  1. My brother and Sister got in to UiTM for degree and Diploma
  2. Angah got to stay in college and she's now on of the SMK-ian
  3. My relationship with Kak Pah and Che Da has become more stronger than before
  4. Kak Pah, Che Da, Angah and I spend most of our time together =)
  5. My roomie is fricking FUN!!! owh! owh! she has the same name as I am. ^_^

I really hope this semester would be the best semester ever!

Owh, for ISD5E2, this would be our final year in campus together so I hope that all of us can be more together and unite than before! I really hope that our trip to PD will work!! En Lan Dota, sila jangan mengada - ngada untuk tidak mengikuti program kita di PD ye. . . . no more Excuses!!

eIzA is proud to be in ISD5E

eIzA Kamarul
01.18 p.m.