Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hey! Hey
I just wanna introduce a new member in my family. ahahaha
As my dad told us that our house has become like a "rumah bujang" and my mum started to compare ours with along's rented house back when he's studying in UiTM Jengka. ahahaha but seriously, my house does look like "rumah bujang" based on the bike own by us.

The first bike would be The Modenas Elit 135. It's actually mine but my brother use it and bring it to his campus in UiTM Shah Alam. =)) owh! owh! it's actually black in colour.

The second one would be The Gorgeous Kawasaki Ninja. It's my dad's. He actually own a Honda CBR which I really love! well, because it is red in colour and I used to rode it every time my dad fetched me from tuition. so i have a lot of memories with it. but he changed it right after he had an accident last year. So, HELLLLOOOOO NINJA! ahahaha. . .

The New members is the Coolest and Cutest bike of all which is The Yamaha LC135. At first I told my dad not to buy a new bike but then when I first saw it (which is yesterday 21/08/2009) I immediately "jatuh cinta pandang pertama" ahahaha. . . and Terus lenjan pusing satu taman perumahan I. Thanx to YOU for accompanying me! =)) Owh! my sister wanted to bring this bike to UiTM Lendu, Melaka. Thats a big NO to her. ahahaha she is such a LAZY BUM! jalan pergi kelas pun malas! aduyai~

Owh! Owh! 4 months to go till I have a FULL LICENSE! sabar je lah. . . I plan on taking license for bike during the semester break! so KAWAN - KAWAN jom ambil lesen motorsikal beramai - ramai! *excited* ^_^

Dah la tu, malas nak type entry panjang - panjang nanti kena complaint lagi. Owh! kepada semua rakan taulan yang dicintai, diharap kita akan dapat meluangkan masa untuk berbuka puasa beramai - ramai! seriously, I cant wait! just text me or give me a call ok? if im available, i'll absolutely join you guys! love you! muahx! muiahx!

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