Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hey! Hey!
The reason why im blogging to day is to post about yesterday(friday) and today(saturday). Yesterday has been the GREATEST day ever!!! Meet up with my BEST girlfriends and chillin in Shah Alam. Eventhough there were only five of us (Atee,
Fara, Hani, Ju and I), We really had the most GREATEST fun that existed in the world. Ceh~ over je. ahahaha

Sampai je rumah Hani, all of us are like screaming and hugging macam dah sepuluh tahun tak jumpa then we lepak-ing at Hani's house till around 8pm. Owh! thanks to Ashraf, sebab kalau tak ada dia, kami yang budak2 KL ni semua takkan jumpa rumah Hani yang depan UNISEL tu. ahahaha. . . . Gerak to satu restaurant ni kat tasik opposite PAS. At first kitorang macam gelak kan ashraf sbb bawak kitorang pergi restaurant yang tak ada orang. Well, the reason he brought us here is because kat tempat ni ada tempat nak duduk bersila so macam lagi best nak sembang2 la kononnya(ahahaha memang best pun! we laughed our ass off macam tempat tu bapak kitorang yang punya) =p

lepas tu, gerak lak gi tanjap or akar as what walid call it. Ada macam arts gallery la. All of us thought it's like an arts exhibition as in ade paintings and stuff. sampai2 sana semua macam WTF, ni ke?? ahahaha its actually a gallery that lets the people to play their own songs. macam gig la tapi gig kan muzik dia bising2 and kat sini macam calming la. ececeh. . . lepak situ sampai family Ju balik then all of us terus gerak pergi JJ Bukit Raja to watch midnight movie. It is really exctiting for Farah and I since it was our first midnight movie. ahahaha maklumlah kami tidak dibenarkan keluar malam so kiranya macam first night keluar malam kat area2 klang valley la sbb kat segamat da agak selalu. (hush. . dont tell anyone) ROFL.

I wanted to watch The Proposal actually but Ashraf cakap nak tengok Setem so kami pun tengoklah setem. memang tak rugi babe! best gila cerita tu! rasa macam nak tengok lagi sekali! Ashraf tersenyum dengan megahnya when the movie is over since he's the one who chose to watch the film. ahahaha poyo je! Habis movie, semua orang cakap taknak balik lagi, so lepaklah kat Anjung dekat ngan rumah Hani sampai pukul 3 lebih kot. Then Ashraf hanta balik and he chill at Hani's until 5a.m in the morning and it was awesome having him around for yesterday! He's been really kind and helpful. Sanggup tak pergi Futsal Match dia kat Cyberjaya sebab kitorang. So, on behalf of all of us, THANK YOU ASHRAF!!! =D

I slept at 6 something and woke up around 10.30. then get ready, have some brunch and balik rumah dengan Atee and Hani. Sampai rumah je terus flat. Take a nap then keluar balik to G.E Mall to celebrate my dad's birthday over dinner. I bought CD Ahmad Jais for my dad. Well thats what he asked for. ahahaha nasib baik minta CD, kalau minta barang motor dia, mati i nak korek duit! ROFLMAO!

korang, let's do this AGAIN! syok owh!

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