Saturday, August 22, 2009

hey! hey!
its been a while since i updated my blog in english. Skeleton Bun keep on asking me why do i post my entry in bahasa lately?

well, the reason why is, a lot of my friends in UiTM told me that they would prefer to have read my blog in bahasa so that's why i mixed it up so it become MaNglish! =))

so lets not talk much aite?
I've uploaded some pictures of SkeletonBun and I having our lunch at The Secret Recipe before the fasting month which starts today since SkeletonBun have been wanting to eat it since forever.

These are The pictures from Secret Recipe (^_-)

spaghetti bolognese and Ice Blended Chocolate

Noodles with tom yam kong (i hope i spell it right)

before i forgot, Happy Ramadhan to all and hope this Ramadhan will change us to a better person.

eIzA is sick and tired of hypocracy

eIzA Kamarul
07.38 a.m.