Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Van Gardenia! =)

Woot! Woot!
It's been awhile since I updated my blog.
So, banyak yang ingin dikongsi. cewah~
last week has been the most tiring week. there's this Integrasi IMS a.k.a. Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) as well as Eksplorasi IMS which is a.k.a. Course Induction.
I was actually being posted as one of the food exco but then as ussual we need to help each others once your job is basically done right? berganding bahu la katakan. . . ahahah

So, after done ordering food at Benteng NR and Roti Gardenia, I helped Azrul my NYDP with the Part 1's Performance. There are 6 classes or this semester's intake so we (the IMS exco) decided that 3 classes would perform forIntegrasi while the other 3 classes will perform during our Dinner.

so having to deal with the Jrs are FUN and EXCITING yet terrifying since a numerous of our students from Part1 are suspect for H1N1 / Swine Flu. huhuhu. . . But overall everything went well.

btw on friday morning, I was so EXCITED since i get to naik the Lori GARDENIA ahahahaha. . . . with Hakimm as my partner. ni semua sebab uncle sebuk pergi servis kereta so terpaksa minta tolong uncle roti tu hantar roti kat surau kolej I. Hakim macam "uish! cepat weyh turun. malu dowh!" and I was like "woooohoooooo!!! this is AWESOME!" ahahaha sumpah aku kampung time ni!

the Integrasi and Eksplorasi i xnak comment banyak. Kalau nak tau, check je Blog IMS since I will be posting a report about it.

Owh! Owh!
on the last 5th, 6th and 8th, someone I love are having their birthday so. . . .

Happy Birthday BAPAK!!!
Happy Birthday F!
and . . .
Happy Birthday SHEN!!!

ahahaha. . .
sumpah i love you all sooo fucking much!

to Abah,
Happy Birthday Bapak! angah sayang abah sangat² and thank you for giving me strenght in life and motivate me to be a better person. I love you so much! and there's no one can take your place in my heart!

to Farah,
Happy Birthday Babe! Kesian Wan sbb tak dapat wish dulu kan? kan?
well, sorry la wan, macam biasalah every year mesti E yang wish dulu.
tak mungkin ada orang lain wish kau dulu kan F kan?
ahahaha aku sayang kau x kisahlah macam mana teruk pun kita gaduh.
and i really hope that our friendship will last forever and ever and ever and ever and ever lah!
ahahaha aku dah start merepek!

to En. Sharain Shahrudin,
Happy Birthday Shen!! Told You that I'll be the first to call right? ahahaha excited I tunggu semua part 1 balik and terus cepat² call you. owh! the best part is I actually paksa everyone to sing you the birthday song! chumeyl kan? kan? Shen is my one and only guy friend kat segamat that i look up to and the one and only guy in segamat that i cared of. Macam no matter what, I know that you will always listen to me since your like the one and only guy kat segamat yang tak TERLAMPAU bandar! ahahahaha. Love you SHEN! ahahaha. . .

so, enough said. It's been the most tiring weekend yet electrifying that I ever had so far in segamat! ahahaha thanks to Van roti Gardenia! =)

eIzA is really excited in doing her VB work!
*angel smile*

eIzA Kamarul
0810 p.m.