Friday, October 23, 2009


Hey Hoo!
it's been a while since i updated my blog kan?? mesti anda semua rindu especially Haziq Zainal! kan? kan? ahahaha. . . .
there's a lot of things happened during the last week. there's this IMS's Dinner (Finale Intermeso Night), the whole campus suffer from BlackOut as well as my small reunion with all the TAEK! and our trip to Melacca.
it is a week full of FUNN!!!

okay, the IMS's Dinner was okaaay~ Not much to comment since I have to update the IMS blog later on. so if you wanna know more about it, check out the IMS BLOG aite?

On the 14th of October 2009, the whole UiTM Segamat Black Out!!! since 12 noon up to 5.00 am in the morn! tooooolong la faham!!! Panas gila weyh! with VB's Final Project tak siap and stuff. So as the Master Mind, I decided to check in to the Villa Hotel near the Mcdonald just to work on my VB's. since angah has to do her Cataloging and Ammy and Fatin will have their test the next day so off we goo~ ^_^

the whole journey to the Hotel tak payah cakap la. Kepada para pelajar di UiTM Segamat, Hentikanlah menggunakan perkhidmatan PAK CIK KASSIM!!!! Banyak kali weyh dia tipu i! cakap nak ambil but tak datang pun! nasib baiklah ada Pak Cik Yusry(0127647261). . . Terima Kasih Pak Cik!!!

Owh! Owh! Lupa pulak! There are six of us yang oernight. Mana boleh lupa Kak Pah ngan Fida kan? ahahahha. . . Pengalaman Overnight after 5 semesters in Campus Life was kindda fun since i get to dine out at night and go to the mcd at 4 in the morn. ngee~ agak rugi actually since i paid for the room but i didnt sleep at all! this is all because of En Isma kesayangan. . . ahahaha bangga tak encik dapat student macam saya? cewah~ *angel*

Pagi tu pukul 7.30 kitorang pun bergerak la dengan langkah berkobar - kobarnya untuk masuk ke UiTM balik! semua sbb kelas Pn.Ayu. Angah was like, "WHHHYYYYYY DO we have to go to class??" ahahaha semua macam malas gila! tapi disebabkan kami di pelajar yang cemerlang, Gemilang dan TERBILANG, kami gagahkan jua. *bapak la ayat*

For Pictures, you guys can view Angah's Blog ok?

p/s: Pictures will be uploaded later due to the GAYNESS of the internet connection. thank you

lotsa of love,
eIzA Kamarul