Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just When I Thought You Love Me Too~

Hey Hoo!

As my close friends know, I'll only update my blog when I'm feeling good or happy since i don't want my blog to be fill of cursing and etcetera.

One of the HAPPIEST day in my life would be on the 26th of September 2009. It's when my love one and I get back together and declare that we'll settled down once we're ready and affirming that I am actually the ONE! It's a lie if I said that I didn't cry that night due to happiness. It is a lie if I said that I ain't scared of losing you again and it is also a lie if I said that I trust you every time you told me that you love me while at the same time your having her as your girlfriend.

I am fine with this whole thing at first but knowing that you post every single thing about her at your blog and you myspace really breaks my heart. the fact that your blog name is the combination of both our name and knowing that you actually post a fucking lot of entry about her on your blog(which is using our name and used to be mine and mine only) really breaks my heart and the fact that your myspace status has drastically change from myself to her when our profile used to be the same really do kills me.

Just when I tried to talk to you and sort things out, you ask for a timeout which is 5 days after we declared back. Just when I started to feel your love again. . . I told myself to let you go and move on but every single fucking person in this world know that I'm not capable of doing so.

You leave me with no option sayang. . . Call me stupid! Call me Blind! cause I know that when it comes to you, I am STUPID! I am BLIND! there's no doubt about it!

You said that I deserve someone better than you and I don't have to be like this but tell me sayang, if your in my shoes, would you let the love of your life for almost 5 years to go just like that? without fighting and tried to win their heart again? would you?!? That's a Question anyone can answer easily. . .

You can just do whatever you want with your life, you can love her as much as you can cause you know that no matter what happen and how long it takes, I'm always right here hoping and praying that one day you'll come back to me and be mine once again. . .

the person who loves you from the bottom of her

eIzA Kamarul