Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thanks Dear!

hey hey!
I Just wanna show how much i appreciate Liyana's effort on giving me a chocolate bar just for helping her in Visual Basic 6.0! =))

It's been a while since people show their appreciation to me by buying me stuff for a gift! You might think im exagerating but truth is, since i've been working my ass off in segamat, no one ever thank me for doing anything or helping them in carrying out their task. not even a simple THANK YOU!

btw, she gave me that chocolate bar on the 7th of october 2009 which is her birthday actually while i dont get her anything for her birthday present! boo~ me!

being a year older doesnt change much, since we all know that you are YOUNG at heart!
lalalove you!

eIzA Kamarul is dissapointed with her love life

eIzA Kamarul,