Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A reply to your entry.

Seven letters, e

Almost four years ago, that was in 2005
We’ve met at school, that wasn’t a surprise
Because we’re in the same school
Genuinely, I glad we met, if not I’d become a fool

We’ve been good friends for so long
Inside our hearts we each belong
Let’s not lose sight of our young love
It’s been growing all these years

Things changed after couple of years
My heart convulsed in tears
We’re not the same person we used to be
Everything’s different between you and me

We’ve been dragged into the wrong rhythm
Too much attention I give to ‘them’
I felt your anger and temper
And I was wondering why you can’t be gentler

Silly me for creating much troubles
I’d like to raise my voice into a few decibels
So you can hear me saying the exact words
It’s not because I want your ears to hurt

I know it was my selfishness
That caused us both to fight
And due to youthful foolishness
We both broke up that night

Days stay crisp but night winds blow
It’s so easy to feel depressed and low
I can still feel you even we’re far apart
You never ever give back my heart

There are times when I curse and kick myself blue
When I think of the things I have done to you
I am sorry for making your life miserable
I hope my apology is acceptable

We are so happy together, do you recall?
I just want the old us back, that’s all
I talk too much and I think it’s enough for now
There are so many things I want to tell you somehow


hey skelly belly,
first of all, thanks for the poen you made for me.
i know you semangat gila nak buat that poem last night.
when i woke up this morning you macam semangat gila suruh i check out you blog kan?

i really appreciate your effort and creativity in expressing your love about our relationship through poems.
as both of us know,this is not the first poem that you wrote for me kan?
i really love it compare to the others especially after what happened between us.

eventhough it is not very sweet, and mushy compare to the ones youve given but somehow it is the truth about us and that is the main reason why i love it so much!
it is pure and sincere and it is definitely the exact ways on describing our love life.

thank you sayang for giving this lovely poem to me. i really really appreciate it ^_^

eIzA is hoping for the best for both of us

eIzA Kamarul