Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mid Semester Break

hello there,
i'm sure all of you have been missing to read my blog kan?
ahahaha perasan habis.

anyway, im really sorry for not updating my baby bloggie for quite sometime now. i've been busy with a lot of assignments and task. ahaha. .

so let's sum up my mid sem's break.

Thursday (11th feb 2010) : -

  1. catch a 12.30 pm ticket from segamt to kl. my bus is actually at 6pm but i changed it to 12.30 since all of us are so eager to go back. ngee~
  2. arive almost 4pm and waited for skellybelly to come and fetched me.
  3. send kak pah to putra central market.
  4. ate tomyam at a Jabina Seafood. (please don't ever try eating here! the taste and service sucks real good!)
  5. skellybelly send me home and went out again to shah alam to fetch my sister
  6. ate at mamak in shah alam then straight back home
  7. bla. . .bla. . .bla. . . yada. . yada. .. yada. .

friday (12th feb 2010) :-
  1. went out to ts with skellybelly at 1 to times square.
  2. ate kfc. the restaurant was filled with hungry customers that would kill for a table and a meal. ahahah sumpah packed gila!
  3. catch percy jackson and the lightning thief at 2.30pm. the movie was awesome people! do watch it.
  4. then again, skellybelly send me back home.
  5. waited for my dad to send me to kate's house cause we're having a sleepover since kate is flying to aus to further her degree

saturday (13th feb 2010) :-

  1. wake up and help kate here and ther for the kenduri.
  2. a lot of talking . . . gossiping . . camwhoring . . going on while im there
  3. my dad pick me up and all of us went to jalan Ipoh for this stupid thingy who doesn't know how to give direction so we end up not going there and went straight to my relative's at rawang
  4. around 5 we went to setapak to have popiah basah cause it's awesome there but the kakak tutup. celebrate CNY maybe. ahahah
  5. balik rumah. . . .
  6. bla. . .bla. . .bla. . . yada. . yada. .. yada. .

sunday (14th feb 2010) :-
  1. nothing much happen that day.
  2. celebrated my cousin's birthday at klang. then balik rumah

monday (15th feb 2010) :-
  1. cameron mari!!!! (finally, i get the family vacation i've always wanted even for a one day trip)
  2. my dad bought me tuk tuk ngee~
tuesday (16th feb 2010) :-
  1. pergi pudu, beli ticket balik segamat
  2. pergi jj beli barang
  3. pergi tesco beli barang juga!

wednesday (17th feb 2010) and thursday (18th feb 2010) :-
  1. spent the whole day with skellybelly ^_^

friday (19th feb 2010) :-
  1. nothing much happen today.
  2. owh! owh! i had a jog with nabby waldorf. my treat of course! si kedekut tu! ahahah

saturday (20th feb 2010) :-
  1. my 57th months anniversary! ahahah *loved*
  2. went to setapak again with my fam. tak putus asa! nak juga popia basah tu. akhirnya dapat juga! ahahah

sunday (21th deb 2010) :-
  1. skellybelly pick me up at 9.30 sbb dia hantar i to pudu.
  2. had our breakfast at ts then straight to pudu since my bus is at 11.30a.m

terima kasih kepada En. Kamarul Husni bin Hashim dan keluarga, Princess Mahira Marhainy Mazlan, Hani Fahmi, Siti Khadijah Shahrin, Nur Ateeqah Qari, nik Nur Iman, Nur diyana Musa dan Dina Abdul kerana telah menyerikan cuti saya! hee~ saaaaayang anda semua sampai mati! ngee~

eIzA Kamarul