Wednesday, February 3, 2010


hey hoo!
it's been a while jugak kan i didn't update my blog?

hurm. . . my topic for this entry is "feeling under appreciated"

why do people likes to take advantage on people?
that's a question i could never understand.

i tried to be nice with everyone. i tried to give a helping hand on almost everything to people around me. i even give a shoulder to cry on when people face a situation or a problem. because to me, it is a sin if i didn't try my best to help those who are in need and the guilt remain till the other person apologise me for not helping he/r.

so faham tak apa i try nak cakap?
i macam dah d'train untuk membantu orang even i tak suka orang tu. esp in studies cause i tak nak jadi orang yang kedekut ilmu. sebab tu juga bila exco IMS senior dulu suruh i jadi s/u IMS(masa tu still DiIM Society) i tak nak even when uncle(tengku azman shah) suruh i jadi s/u IMS when i'm in part 4 pun i tolak sebab my aim is to help people in their studies. i like to share my knowledge.

ask everyone that is in my circle of friends or you can even ask the IMS students, the first question that i would ask when i meet them is "study ok?"

eh, eh, dah melencong dah ni.
let's get back to our topic. ahahaha

so having a friend like eIzA Kamarul, do you really think that there is need to backstab her everytime you had a chance?

people, mungkin i kasar on the outside, mungkin i cakap lepas, mungkin i perfectionist when it comes to work, mungkin i selesa with my last minute work, tp cuba fikir. . .


semua orang ada style masing2. kasar tak bererti jahat,
lemah- lembut tak bererti baik,
tolong lah jangan sekali - kali judge i physically.

i penat makan hati dengan perangai korang yang suka buat cerita belakang i and hoping that one day i akan jatuh tersungkur. please. . . please. . . PLEASE. . . jangan buat the bad side of eIzA Kamarul keluar because trust me, it ain't good at all.

to those yang dah buat taik dengan i,
i hope you'll repent from your sin/s.

eIzA Kamarul is definitely not a garbage.
she has a feeling too

eIzA Kamarul