Friday, March 5, 2010

helloooo key ell!

woot! Woot!
I went back to kl today. catch a bus at 8.30 a.m therefore, i have to get up at 6.30 since i dont wanna wear the baju kurung. dah la i slept at 5 in the morn. huhu. . . .

my brother fetched me from pudu. hee~

btw, the best part is i got my heels. the one that i adore soooo much! hikhikhik~
thanks to skelly belly for buying me that heels. ^_^

owh! owh! tadi both skelly belly and I main kejar - kejar. ahaha. . . dah la she's driving our car and im on the bus number 11. =)) funny weyh! for further detail on this story, do call me ok? ahaha cause she'll be furious if i tell everyone about it on our baby bloggie! ahaha. . . *can't wait to wear that heels with you la doink!*

eIzA is very excited to wear those heels.

eIzA Kamarul