Sunday, December 5, 2010


woot! wooot!
hee~ finally i've been to I-City! thank you En. Kamarul kerana telah membawa saya ke sana untuk bergambar!

so I went there with my father and my sister. we went out around 6pm since my mother had this annual dinner at Renaissance Hotel. so once we drop her off at the hotel, kami pun berfikir2 lah mahu ikut jalan mana. I suggested that we use the highway to Damansara so that we could have our dinner at the Uptown Hawkers tapi malangnya, my dad terlepas turning. . . . so ikutlah federal highway.

we ate at Hakim section 7. i had cheese naan. TERBAEK weyh! sangat gebu and cheesy! wallaweyh! here's te pictures of each of us right after dinner! *muka puas hati je sorang-sorang*

Encik Kamarul Husni =))

so, right after dinner we went straight to I-City! wee~ it was fun! even though it was drizzling. i managed to snap a few pictures from there. owh! owh! the ice sculpture or ice room what - so - ever is not like how we expected! it turns out to be sort of small and definitely NOT like how theyadvertise it to be! ahahah. . .

whatever it is, enjoy the pictures~

enjoying the pictures huh? ngee~ tapi tak cantik sangat kan? maklumlah im not a pro in taking pictures tak macam Cik Safira kita tu. ahahaha =P dia ada NIKONG, i ada Nokia N85 je. =P ahahahahahahahaaha~

eIzA finally het to visit I-City! ^_^

Eiza Kamarul