Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nur Afrina Binti Tariq

hey! hey!
Today all of us( mahira, aishah, nana and I ) went to Jusco Maluri to buy our baby a present!
Owh! owh!
her mom (amall) has given her name which is NUR AFRINA(Cahaya Suci). comel kan? ngee~

so, here are some of today;s pictures. =))

This is what we got for Rina. comel kan?

Nur Afrina! <3<3

btw, i've decided to call her Rina since a friend of mine (Nur Syahrina Binti Akhil a.k.a Rina) is super clever! so macam harap2 my lovely baby ni pandai juga lah. ahahah *kuno kan?*

eIzA is looking forward to see rina again!

Eiza Kamarul