Thursday, December 2, 2010

October Fest!

hey hey!
ahaha tajuk macam gempak je kan?
lama sudah rasanya baby bloggie saya ini sunyi sepi. so dengan keazaman yang tekad, saya akan cuba untuk merajinkan diri meng"update" kan semula blog ini. =)

so, my october has been a lot of F-U-N, FUN!

  • I went to Juhaina's 21st Birthday Party
  • then we (my dad, sister and a friend of mine) went to Cameron Highland
  • and the most important day of my life so far is obviously my CONVOCATION! wooohoooo~
as usual, I'll feed you with the pictures on each event!
owh! owh! i'll only upload a few of my convo pictures aite? i'll upload the rest once Hariz has given it to me. =))


Juhaina's Birthday cake! ngee~
Happy Birthday JU!!!!

A picturesque view of Cameron Highland

Strawberry Farm but the strawberry is not that ripe yet. ='(

well, i guess thats all for now! i'll make a new entry on my convocation aite? wait till i get the lovely pictures from En. Hariz! *can't wait! ngee~*

eIzA is so happy to have woken up and see her phone showing
1st december 2010.

Eiza Kamarul