Friday, March 11, 2011


hey! hey!
it's been friggin long since i last updated my blog right?
my apologies for that.

so, let me just sum up everything that had happened for the past few months okay?

  1. I went to a camp in Besut, Terengganu
  2. I was being selected as the candidate for Student Representatives Council (SRC)
  3. My Campaign Manager (Mohd Azlan Bin Othman), Kak Syarifah and Angah for so hard for the election. they did everything they could to get me the position in SRC
  4. On the Election day, I lost. did cried for exactly 2 - 3 mins then im all hyper again. 
  5. They brought me to 1901 to cheer me up. it did! and ABANG AMIN came to see me there. *thank you ABANG!*
  6. I'm being selected as the *biro perhubungan dan komunikasi* for Gen - LIS (Generation of Library and Information Society)
  7. Not long after that, I was selected as the Vice President for "Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti (SMF)"
  8. looking forward for Marelfira's Wedding this sunday!
  9. owh! we're having a reunion right after the wedding. =)
hee~ how's that?
owh! kat sini, i nak ambil kesempatan untuk ucapkan terima kasih to those yang dah penat me"market" kan saya ni during the campaign week. tak lupa juga kepada kawan - kawan yang sanggup letak my ppicture as their profile picture on facebook. selain tu, TERIMA KASIH to EN. KAMARUL HUSNI kerana telah meluluskan bajet untuk ebrkempen! ahahahah owh, kepada para pengundi yang telah mengundi saya, jutaan terima kasih diucapkan. =)

to lan, kak pah, angah : korang kawan terbaik i dunia akhirat. walaupun kita berempat pernah ada history gaduh macam budak2 tu. tapi at the end of the days, i know that i can always count on you. do remember that you can always count on me. i dedicate the song by bruno mars, count on me. to all of you okay?

to muhammad : kau jangan kecik hati tau. kau pun kawan terbaik aku juga. thanks weyh sebab balik juga puncak untuk vote aku walaupun time tu kau ada game kat klang. =) ha lagu count on me tu untuk kau juga! 

okay, that's all for now.
owh! owh! nak minta maaf awal2 if after this i wont be able to update my blog that often.
i'm going to be very busy this semester. 
sorry people!

Eiza Kamarul