Tuesday, April 19, 2011


hey hey people!
i just wanna apologies for all my wrongdoings whether i did it on purpose or unintentionally.
i hope that all of you lovely people would be kind enough to forgive all my mistakes.

next, i would also like to wish all of you good luck! and all the best in your final exams.
i pray that all of us managed to achieve whatever target or goals that we put for ourselves.

anyway, enjoy this video! it's really funny!
no offense to Super Juniors' Fans okay.
i, myself adore this song.
it is just for entertainment purposes.

Eiza really hopes that all of us will complete this semester with flying colors.

Eiza Kamarul

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love Quote

hey people!
i just wanna share some of the love quotes that i like. =)

so here goes . . .

People always tell me to trust my heart. But what if my heart's 'broken'?
should I still trust it?
It's like trusting the calculation of a broken calculator or feeling safe sitting on a broken chair

Don't find love,let love find you
That why it's call falling in love
Because you don't force yourself to fall,you just do.

The happiest feeling is when you're about to look at him but you noticed he's already staring at you

I can hide the pain and make others think that I can move on but i can never deny the truth that the person who failed and hurt me, is still the same person I wished to love me

He hugs me and says he sorry
while I cry silently knowing it'll happen again tomorrow

Your 1st mistake was
leaving me! Your second
mistake was Giving me a
chance to make me Realise I
could Live without You!

I Wrote Your Name In The Sand But The Waves Washed It Away Then I Wrote It In The Sky But The Wind Blew It Away So I Wrote It In My Heart & Thats Where It Will Stay.

Once Upon a Time, Something Happened To me, It was the Sweetest Thing that ever could be. It was a Fantasy, A dream Come True, It was the Day i Met You.

Times have changed.
You can be as beautiful as a model and have the body of a goddess. You can be a great cook like rachel ray or be great in bed like a playboy bunny and guess what?
that is still not enough for men these days.

If you choose with your eyes, your heart will hurt.
If you choose with your heart, the eyes see through the imperfections

"A girl doesn't need to tell you straight up how she feels,
it's written all over her eyes.
If you can see how she feels without her telling you,
then you definitely deserve her heart.."

I'm not a good lover. i mess up. i get jealous easily. i'm too much sensitive when it comes to my love & i get mad often. but there's one thing i do love about myself: i don't play someone's feelings.

I'm not desperate
I'm just strong enough to wait

Love is sweet when it is new.
Even sweeter when it is true.
And the sweetest when it is with you.

Thanks for always making me feel that you're always there
when i'm almost out of faith though you're miles away
you we're trying to reach me on the phone
if you only know how much you made me happy just right now

Eiza Kamarul

Sunday, April 10, 2011

joyeux vingt-quatrieme anniversaire!

Joyeux Vingt-Quatrieme Anniversaire, KAK SYARIFAHHHHH!
semoga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki.
semoga akak kahwin cepat2 juga! hee~
je vous aime beaucoup!
akak la kakak eiza yang terbaik yang eiza pernah ada.
harap akak sayang eiza juga tau! heee~

eiza doakan akak ayu sentiasa! ^_^

eIzA really glad to have syarifah nor suraya as her sister

Eiza Kamarul

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


hey hoo!
Eiza Kamarul is currently DEPRESSED with assignments and tests

eIzA is sick with people who cannot carry their own responsibilities!

Eiza Kamarul