Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bila Eiza Mula Membebel

hey hoo!
lama juga kan tak update blog. hee~
sejak ada twitter ni, macam distracted sikit kasih sayang untuk blog dengan facebook. ahahaha

anyway, apa perasaan korang kalau dapat text saying

"i used to hate you but once i get to know you better, you're actually a very good person and fun to hang out with. so i wanna apologize for hating you before"

well, thats not the exact words. i summarize, skimmed and translated it to English.

ha, amacam?

honestly, i really REALLY appreciate the honesty. not everyone have the guts to give someone a piece of their mind of what they think of that particular person.

i told the person who text me that message that I am not mad or annoyed at all with her text. in fact I'm happy because he/she chose to express her feelings towards me. i really appreciate his/her honesty.

i believe that :

"kita tak boleh paksa semua orang suka kita. dalam banyak - banyak orang yang kita jumpa mesti ada yang tak suka/benci/menyampah dengan apa sahaja yang kita lakukan. eiza percaya, kalau kita jadi diri sendiri and not pretending to be someone we're not just to please others, sooner or later, people will come to love who you really are. in fact kalau setakat seorang dua tak suka kita, tak mati der. =)"

Eiza tahu ramai tak suka Eiza. I used to feel bad about myself when i saw my colleague were having so much fun with a lot of friends as if i am not good enough to have as much friends as others. then i come to realise that, i do not need a lot of people in my world to make me happy. i can be spending the rest of my life with a couple of my close and still enjoy my life. =)


to girls:
I might be hyper and friendly all the time that does not makes me a slut or some crazy bitch seeking for attention. that is just who i am. it wont kill you to spend a couple of minutes to at least greet me and have a small talk with me first without judging me will it?

to guys:
NO, i am not flirting with you! i am just being myself who is friendly and likes to make friends with everyone! so please stop all the bitchy thought you have on your mind about me! OWH! and NO I am not giving signals or anything. if your a guys who likes a girls, have some balls and tell her that you have feelings for her okay? stop telling everyone that you like me and we were meant for each other behind my back. PLEASEEEEE!


anyway, I learnt something from Kem Kepimpinan Waja Diri.
i need to open up more to people outside my circle.
the wall i build has been protecting me for so long that i no longer know how to befriends with others. the incident happened in my first sem in Diploma really affects me in choosing friends. *sob sob*

that's all for now i guess. didn't expect that this post would be this long. ahaha

au revoir mes amis!
bon journee!

Eiza Kamarul