Wednesday, June 8, 2011


hey hoo peeps!
so last weekend i went to Genting Highland with my aunt (atam) and family.
i was supposed to babysit her daughter, Mira Farzana since she'll be here for the school holidays.

so we went to genting on thursday. it was awesome people! holidays with my cousins; memey, mickey, hanna and boboy. hee~

we played at the outdoor theme park 2 days straight. friday and saturday and we played all the thrill rides for a numbers of time. gila weyh! dari pagi sampai malam dekat outdoor tu.

owh! owh! we also watched kungfu panda 2 in 3D! Po is so freaking cute!!!!! geram gila. rasa nak squeeze his tummy sampai pecah! ahahahha

owh! we got back in KL on sunday and on monday along drove memey, mickey and I to sega, pahang. sebab wan dah rindu gila dekat memey. tapi balik hari je even though atok and wan insist us to stay the night. tapi disebabkan along is working on tues so tak dapek lah nak tidur semalam dekat kampung. ='(

i'll be staying at atam's place till tomorrow. hee~ sebab memey's flight back to kelantan is tomorrow at noon. so right after sending her off to the airport, atam will be sending me back to pandan indah. wee~

rindu sama Mahira Marhainy Mazlan and our cendol moment every evening!
*and yet you're complaining that you're fat, nice work eiza!*

so, that's all for now!
owh, i'll upload a video of us on the spinner later on alright?

tata for now!

Eiza Kamarul