Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Olla mi amor! =)
today i just wanna share with you something that I've pickup recently from the world wide web. *skema gitu*

so, being myself who hates drinking water *and ended up having a super duper dry skin*, i always wonder how many liters do we actually have to consume everyday. people often say that we need to drink 8 glasses of water everyday.

so since i hate drinking plain water or some people call it sky juice, i converted the amount of 8 glasses of waters to liters and it turns out that we need to drink 2 liters or plain water everyday.

however, i also found a method to calculate each individual need of water everyday. so here goes. . .

it's very simple to calculate. you need to divide your weight in kilograms by 30. for example, if your weight is 45kgs : 45/30 = 1.5liters.

so, you need to at least drink up to 1.5 liters of water everyday. easier isn't it?

ahaha punya lah panjang membebel, sebenarnya nak share benda simple tu je. so feel free to try it okay?

to those who are like me *people who hates drinking water* here are some tips on getting yourself to drink enough water okay?

  • Measure your daily intake of water. Do this for a few days. If you find that you're drinking less than the recommended quantity, try some of the following tips:
    • Learn to acquire a taste for water.
    • Carry water with you everywhere; put it in a bottle or other container.
    • Keep a glass or cup of water next to you whenever you'll be sitting down for a long time, such as when you're at your desk at work. Drink from it regularly as you're working.

  • Try wearing a digital watch that beeps at the beginning of each hour. Use that as a reminder to pour yourself a glass of water. Vow to drink that water before the next beep. If you drink only one small (6 ounce or 180 ml) cup per hour, you'll have consumed 48 ounces (1.4 liters) by the end of an 8-hour workday.
  • Get a water purification system. Purified water tastes very good and may help make drinking water more appealing to you. Be aware, though, that as you grow accustomed to purified water, you may find that tap water leaves a bad taste in your mouth, even though it may be better for your teeth.[1] Keep in mind that fluoride, found in small quantities in tap water, is necessary for strong, healthy teeth. [2] Fortunately, no water filter removes the fluoride. You'd have to use reverse osmosis, distillation, or an expensive filter specific to removing fluoride. But don't do any of that. Fluoride in the saliva bathes the teeth and prevents dental decay!

  • Add lemons or limes to your water. This makes it taste better and makes you want to drink more of it. Be careful not to make it too sour; just a splash of sourness should do the trick. Cucumber slices can also be added to a glass of water. Some mint leaves can be added to a pitcher of water which should be allowed to sit overnight. These are cheap alternatives to the bottled flavored water. If you do choose bottled flavored water, check the ingredients, as these are likely closer in form to lemon- or limeade than they are to water.

  • Eat water rich foods, such as fruits like watermelon, which is 92% water by weight. Blend up some seedless fresh watermelon flesh with some ice and place a few sprigs of mint (optional) - one of the most refreshing drinks, especially for the summertime. Cranberry juice is also another option, and has a bitter taste. Patients suffering from urinary infection caused by insufficient intake of water should drink cranberry juice and eat watermelon if not plain water everyday. A tomato is 95% water. An egg is about 74% water.

  • Keep water cold if it tastes better for you. Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator at home. Add ice or freeze water in a sports bottle before taking it with you, it will eventually melt and stay cold. Bear in mind that cold water takes energy for your body to regulate the temperature, and does burn some calories. Room temperature water is better if you're dehydrated. Your body can absorb the room temperature water immediately, instead of the body having to raise the temperature of the water first in order to process it.

  • Climate can drastically change how much water you need. On hot days that require you to be outside, you should drink more water to counteract the fluids you lose when you sweat. This not only keeps your body hydrated, it can prevent heat-related illness. Just as important (but often overlooked) is consuming enough fluids in cold & wet conditions. The human body works much more efficiently (including heating and cooling) when properly hydrated. Inadequate water intake affects the brain's function first, which can become very dangerous (especially in extreme conditions).

  • Purchase a bottle the size of your water goal. Purchase a water bottle that holds the amount of water you wish to drink each day, or use a combination of 1-liter and half-liter bottles. Try to drink the water slowly throughout the day. This will allow you to easily see how much water you are consuming. However, cheating is not a helpful idea - if you don't drink all the water you intended to, don't try to chug it at the end of the day.
mudah bukan?
so silalah rajin2kan diri anda untuk minum air dengan banyak ya kawan - kawan!

Eiza Kamarul ^_^