Friday, October 21, 2011

A piece of Eiza Kamarul's mind

Salam and a very good evening to all of you.
I know it's been ages since I last updated my blog *well, not that anyone care* but i've been really tight up with my life as a final year student *not to mention with all the different attitude of some people who really starts to annoy me*.

so in today's post,
i would like to share my thoughts and comments on what i have been observing since the last couple of months.

here goes. . .

Student Leader.

What is student leader? well, according to student is one who attends a school, or who seeks knowledge from professional teachers or from books; One who studies or examines in any manner; an attentive and systematic observer; as, a student of human nature, or of physical nature. while Leader on the other hand is A person or thing that holds a dominant or superior position within its field, and is able to exercise a high degree of control or influence over others. ( when both words joined together it will form a meaning that student leader is a student who is able to lead a group of other students in order to achieve a mutual understanding and a person who will always dare to be the front line in everything as well as they will be the ambassador of their faculty and representing all the good quality a student should have.

The reason why I am writing a bout student leader is i honestly couldn't find any student leaders that are worth my respect just yet. well, not to say that I am very hard to satisfied because i did find a leader whom i can respect due to his intelligence, attitude, his physical appearance as well as how he bring himself in front of public. The only student leader that are worth calling a leader so far is Abang Hassan Azme Masri.

being a successful leader is not measured by your academic performance only. there are alot of other criteria in becoming a successful leader such as :
  • have a strong desire to achieve...they think, plan and act with an "I can attitude".
  • are positive and enthusiastic regardless of how others act.
  • want to make things happen! They are active participants in the game of life.
  • are good friends. They have the ability to find something good in every person and every situation.
  • are assertive, persistent and productive. They have determination.
  • believe success depends on what you can get out of you
  • expose themselves to new experiences. For they know that is how growth occurs.
  • delegate responsibilities to members of the group or team in such a manner to create motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Possess high self-esteem.

Besides there are also a few comandments of leadership that you should, could or at least TRY to follow :
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Set the example for others to follow.
  • Be an active coach.
  • Maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
  • Insist on excellence and hold your people accountable.
  • Build group cohesiveness and pride.
  • Show confidence in your people.
  • Maintain a strong sense of urgency.
  • Be available and visible to your staff.
  • Develop yourself to your high test potential.

okay, enough with my introduction the main reason why I am writing on Student Leader is you, as the student leader have not gain my respect yet. banyak sangat medium dekat fb ni yang boleh tunjuk how you handle your public.

I know that I am in no position, still. please bring yourself as a leader.
what's the point of being a leader if the way you think, act and respond is nothing to be proud of. be rational. calm down.

everything you do, will be judge by your public and outsiders. if every time a simple matters is being brought to you, you nak melatah and emo macam samseng.

tak payah lah. hentikan je semua tu.

REMEMBER, your public is the one who is responsible in making you what you are  right now. so if you can't help them solving their problems, at least learn to respect their thought and difficulties instead of ajak bersemuka macam jaguh kampung. sikit-sikit, "kalau berani kita face-to-face". ini bukan tempat untuk tunjuk berani. kita vote awak bukan sebab awak berani. kita vote awak sebab untuk tagih janji-janji manis yang awak taburkan dulu sebelum awak dinaikkan sebagai pemimpin pelajar. ingat lah.

Macam mana tinggi pun awak, kalau hati "public" awak sendiri awak tak boleh jaga, takkan lama bhai. kejap je lah tu. dari elok orang percaya kat awak pun, percaya tu boleh hilang macam tu je lepas segala topeng awak dibogelkan.

fikirlah ya.

seriously ini adalah general. bukan untuk mana-mana universiti, fakulti, pemimpin atau pelajar.
so tak payah lah susah-susah nak ajak saya bersemuka ya.

muak. muak dengan kemegahan awak menggunakan kuasa yang diamanahkan.

thank you.

Eiza Kamarul
Pelajar Biasa
Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)


Anonymous said...

Kau pun kalau jadi pemimpin belum tentu boleh layan orang bawah kau mcm yang kau pompang kat sini.Cuba muhasabah diri tu dulu sebelum cari kesalahan orang. Cuba renung2 kan kenapa kau kalah pilihan raya 2x berturut2. Tolonglah belajar dari kesilapan. Mungkin kau boleh improve cara kau layan orang2 sekeliling kau. Meh sini nak quote sikit ayat kau suka bagi kat orang. "Aku nak tgk sejauh mana kau boleh pergi dengan sikap kau macam tu"

Anonymous said...

Sakai. Kau nak jadi hater kat sini, tapi anonymous.

Eiza Kamarul said...

Hello Anunymous. =)
kalah menang tu adat bertanding kan?
lagipun semua tu terletak pada rezeki.

terasa ke dengan post ni?
aww~ sorry lah ye.
post ni sebenarnya sedikit pendapat dari apa yang i nampak and a few information that i got on the net.

i sendiri pun takde mention that I am a good leader. but if you think i am, well, thanks! =)

hurm. .
you ni banyak baca entry i and status I ke sampai boleh quote i.

I'm touched by the attention you gave to me.

tu lah, i sendiri pun nak tengok juga sejauh mana i boleh pergi ni.

Thank you for reading my blog! ^_^

really appreciate your effort in following every thing that i do.

Anonymous said...

Hater yang sakai lagi dungu.

Aku rasa kau yang patut muhasabah diri kau tu dulu sebelum kau nak cakap apa-apa. Kau sendiri tak berani nak letak nama kau then kau nak cakap banyak pula. lagi pun dekat post ni takde menunding jari pada sesiapa pun. Kalau kau sendiri yang terasa mesti ada sebab bak kata pepatah siapa yg makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas. bukan begitu wahai hater yang sakai? pasal pilihan raya tu kau tak payah la nak cakap dia kalah 2x berturut-turut. mmg adat kalah menang, takde rezeki je. cuba kau pula renung2 kan diri kau tu bagus sangat ke sampai kau nak cakap macam2 dekat sini? kau tu siapa nak aibkan penulis blog ni? and aku hairan kenapa kau terasa sangat. aku harap kau jangan la buat silap dengan mengata org macam ni lagi eh. bak kata kau sendiri "tolonglah belajar dari kesilapan" meh sini aku bagi quote aku dekat kau pula 'mulut longkang macam kau ni, pergi mana sekali pun tempat kau dekat bawah je' ingat tu. renung2 kan dan selamat beramal :)

Anonymous said...

eh eh! ramai pulak anonymous laen yang terasa. ni mesti geng2 3 serangkai tu jugak ni. Longkang tak longkang sakai tak sakai, kau pun tak letak nama sembang lebih kat sini. Kau mrh lbh kau yg terasa ke?haha. Ouh, sekarang nak bercerita pasal aib la? Cuba kau flash back blk brapa ramai org kau kutok guna social network. Kau kene igt, aku peminat setia kau. Dr rmbt kau krinting smpi dh jd lurus. So aku just bg kau my point of view. Bkn aku nak aib kan kau and mmg mng klh adt ptndingan. tp point yg aku cuba nak smpi kn ni adlh kalau kau lyn org sekeliling kau dgn cara yg btl, mst bnd ni tak jd 2x. Bkn masa plhan rye je kau baek dgn sume org, ble hbs je hbs sume org punye slh kau cr. Ni la ciri2 mlayu hbs madu sepah dibuang. Kalau kau rasa pe aku ckp ni tak btl, abaikan lah. kalau tak, lu pk la sendri.

yours truly,
Die hard fanzzz!;)

Eiza Kamarul said...

banyak pula anon kat sini.

to anon 31st october:
thank you for your point of view. appreciate it.

to anon 2nd november (assuming you are the first anon as well):

thank you for returning to my blog.
appreciate it. =)

i kutuk orang dekat social network? hurm. . . as far as im concerned semua general. ^_^ so siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas. tak tahu lah pula kalau dalam status2 i tu ada orang boleh tuduh or assume it was referred to you. =)

benda jadi sekali ke dua kali ke tiga kali ke tak kisah lah. i percaya kepada rezeki adn qada' dan qadar. semua tu ketentuan Allah. mungkin ada sebab kenapa semua tu jadi kan?

mungkin juga Allah belum nak bagi rezeki tu dekat i. so tak apa lah. apa yang penting, i never stop try to be the best and i tak give up.

yang lain, tak kisah lah.

and pasal time pilihan raya i baik dengan semua orang? bila pula?

time segamat, i tak berkempen pun sebab my mum is in the hospital due to brain tumor. so I balik untuk bagi manifesto je tu pun sebab my mum dah selamat operation. so tentang pilihanraya segamat, apa yang ada semua atas effort kawan-kawan. =)

time kat puncak, i buat baik dengan siapa? i buat semua ikut apa Campaign Manager i suruh buat. takde pula dia suruh i mengampu orang untuk dapat undi orang lain.

so kalau nak relate kan i to jenis melayu "habis madu sepah dibuang" i tak rasa i ambil madu siapa2 pun.

tapi tak tahu lah indirectly i ada TERambil madu you. kalau macam tu, i minta maaf lah. kalau nak i pulangkan balik, lemme know. =)

tapi apa-apa pun, thank you lah sebab sudi keep track dengan semua yang i buat. bagus juga ada orang macam you ni. keep it up okay?

seronok bila buka blog ada comment. ^_^

hee~ thank you anon! or should i call you my die hard fanzzz?

mana-mana pun boleh lah.
eh, tapi i pun nak juga kenal dengan peminat setia i ni. nanti kalau dah berani, show yourself okay? i tunggu. you pun mesti ada my number kan since you ni tahu banyak benda pasal i.

i akan tunggu sampai keberanian tu wujud dalam diri you. <3 take your time. bukan semua orang boleh jadi berani. =)

Eiza Kamarul ^_^

Afiqah Safira Safiee said...

Its either kau ni kurang kasih sayang atau tak dapat perhatian sepenuhnya dari Eiza, sampai kau jadi mcm ni. Sedih aku tengok kau. Get a life.

Eiza Kamarul said...

ahaha nice one babe.
never thought of it that way.

tu lah. perhaps i should pay more attention to my "die hard fanzzz" tu kan? nanti lagi dia rebel pula.