Sunday, December 11, 2011



Hikhikhik. . .
this is just a quick update on my birthday wishlist.
the other day when angah asked me what are on my birthday wishlist, i said none cause i don't feel like I need anything at all. BUTTTTT who am i kidding? pfffttt~

so here goes. . .

  • blackberry torch!!!!! can some one please get me this phone?? pretty pleaseeeeeeee =')
  • owh! a new purse! cause my current one is not cute anymore. hurm. . .
tu je. ahahaha sedih kan wishlist I?

since my birthday is during my study week, all i really wish for is that i could at least manage to get a Dean's List for this semester. tu je. so I hope that if you gorgeous people who ever read my blog, please pray for my success in this semester aite? with all your kindhearted heart, do pray for my success. thank you love! ^_^

but to anyone yang rasa macam bonus banyak hujung tahun ni nak makbulkan my wishlist tu, i alu-alukan sangat-sangat. hikhikhik. . .  *okay, stop dreaming now eiza!*

that's all for now!
bubye peeps!

lots of love,
Eiza Kamarul