Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

I find it weird when a guy keep on uploading a picture of himself camwhoring and yes I do find it weird also for a girl to keep on changing their profile picture sometimes up to 3 times a day. What are they trying to prove? That they're hot? Cute? Sexy? Gorgeous?

Owh well, I think they are insecure of the beauty that god had created them with. That's why they keep uploading them so that people can keep on praising how cute, pretty, gorgeous and hot they look.

Ps: this is just a random point-of-view. To those yang terasa, you never occur in my mind while I'm typing this out so, DON'T BE!!!

Eiza Kamarul <3


Lea Sabeela said...

sentap hati mak nak! hahaha

Eiza Kamarul said...

hahaha teeet~
but this definitely wasnt meant for you okay datin? ^_^

Eiza Kamarul <3