Saturday, June 2, 2012

A re-post from SugarbOmb

Hey there.
it's been awfully long since I last updated my baby blog. Too lazy to write, got no idea on what to blog and etcetera, etcetera. However, i've come across a blog post from one of my girlfriends who blogged on her reasons on why she haven't blog in a while and I share the same feeling with her. so i immediately wrote on her FB wall saying that i would like to re-post her entry and she agreed.

so here goes...

"I don't know why am I typing this right now. Maybe I was thinking that I have been ignoring my own blog since few months ago due to my hectic schedule as a student. Being a final year student is not easy at all. Living under pressure is normal to us. You spent almost of your time with nothing else but with tons of works. Not trying to complain or argue because I have choose to live like this. Do normal people live like this? Hurmm.. What I want to say is that I really miss the old me. I can feel the not-so-good changes inside me. It is so uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling though I've tried to cover up and pretend that I was okay. However, I am just a human being."

So, please be a doll and visit her pretty blog aite?
here's the link to her blog SugarbOmb.

well, That's all for now i guess.


Eiza Kamarul