Sunday, November 18, 2012

A couple of things I can't spell without 'U'

Hey peeps!
I miss writing on my blog, expressing everything I want on this blog. It's been ages right?
hurm. . . been busy with lots of stuff and as you know, apparently we can't update our blog via our blackberry device and i rarely use my laptop.

I just wanna say that I miss being in a relationship. funny kan?
I used to have this one AWESOME relationship whereby I can rely everything on my SkellyBelly (SB). SB would be the person whom I rant on every time I'm annoyed, pissed and everything. SB juga the only person yang akan layan gila i, gedik i, kerenah i, and everything yang i nak. kadang-kadang tak payah minta pun dia dah tahu dah.

everyone has their flaws kan? I pun tak tahu what went wrong. Takpe lah. dalam setiap hubungan, takkan sorang je yang buat salah. betul tak? both parties contributed in the future of the relationship kan?

tadi I went tu Cala Qisya-Man'S boutique and I saw a pair of gorgeous ankle boots. tiba-tiba teringat lah all of those memories. ='( I ni gila heels and boots and kat sini sangat susah nak cari boots yang dapat grab my attention since I sangat cerewet so bila jumpa je yang berkenan selalu mesti terus call SB. kadang-kadang siap send gambar sebab super excited. the best part is bila the next time jumpa mesti SB belikan. so i can say that semua heels/boots/shoes that I own memang SB yang belikan and bila pakai excited je sebab dapat dari orang tersayang. hahaha yeah, I'm corny like that. =P

Susahkan nak cari orang yang betul-betul faham kita? tapi tu lah. macam mana pun, bila hati dah tak tertutup, nak buat apa pun tak boleh. Rindu memang rindu, tapi maybe this is for the best. hurm. . . i cant imagine my very first birthday w/o SB. ='(

Gigih kan? =')

I hope this would be my last entry on SB and I. meroyan kat twitter je cukup rasanya kan? hahaha

oh! oh! received a heartbreaking news today. 
Sumpah disappointed gila! takpe lah. 

i guess that's all for now.


Eiza Kamarul