Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Till Death Do Us Part

When I'm with you,
I feel happy and alive,
The feeling I never realize, 
Before you came into my life. 

You teach me how to be in love,
With all my heart and all my trust, 
However far we are from apart, 
I'll keep you always in my heart. 

After everything that we've been through, 
You're the reason of who I am today, 
Without you I feel lost and incomplete, 
you gave me reasons to keep on moving 

Make me stay for all the days to come,
I will always be right by you, 
Despite everything that you do,
Until death do us part

p/s: I wanted to post this on the 20th of May but 
been busy with class and stuff. 
Sorry for the late post. =(